Japan General Manager - Business Development Director - Kim Christian Botho Pedersen

Key achievements

Sale & marketing:


2002 - 2003
Spotting the business opportunity, contract negotiation, finding a Japanese partner company, introduction, launch & sale of Danish urinals to many of the major Japanese companies (General Constructors, restaurant chains, department stores, schools, railwy companies, highway company, municipality offices, theme parks, hotels, car manufacturers, pachinko halls, amusement parks and many many more).

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2003 - 2005
Import-, sale-, & marketing of Danish Exhibition equipment In Japan

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System Standex Japan

2001 - 2002
Successfully introducing Damptech - a Danish earth quacke damper to the Japanese market, among other to the General Constructor company Takenaka Komuten. Today, Damptech products are used in more than 10 projects in Japan including the highest building in Osaka (under construction).

Recommendation letter from Damptech.

2006 - 2007
Sale- & marketing of Japanese gardens in Denmark and Dubai
See the details of my achievements and some photos of one of the gardens

2005 - 2007
Introducing Japanese furniture to Europe as coordinator for a JETRO project
Following work for Karimoku (The largest Japanese furniture manufacturer) and a Japanese designer
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2006 - 2008
Marketing and export of Japanese ceramics and kitchen ware from Japan to mainly Europe and the Middle East

Introduction of Danish technical patent to a Japanese major manufacturer
2009 - 2011
Supporting function for export of Danish agricultural products at the Danish Agricultural Councils Tokyo office
2008 Sale of breeding pigs from Denmark to Japan
1998 - present Introducing several companies within many different fields to Japanese importers or partner companies (examples: medical equipment, patents, food, furniture, technical items and much more)
1998 - present A countless number of other smaller achievements - some of those will be uploaded later

Writings in Japanese (Social responsibility):

2012 "Recipe of the happiest country in the world"
A description in Japanese about Denmark, democracy, freedom of speach, freedom, history, religion and other issues that relates to why Denmark is often rated as the happiest country in the world. Parallels to the Japanese society included.
2011 "Whats so funny about Western jokes?"
The only book in Japanese including explanations of the jokes
2011 How to do business with European countries
News letter (email) through "mag2" in Japanese supported by a Japanese company "Mo-Green Co. Ltd."
1998 - 2011 News letters of different kinds in Japanese  
2014 - present Developing new suppliers for meat export to Japan  
Future publishing plans A book in Japanese about working envoronment in Denmark, its history and what Japan can learn from it. Planned publishing late 2013 or early 2014


2012 Jyllands Posten about Kim Pedersen
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2013 Asia Biz:
The Blue-Eyed Samurai – Kim Christian Botho Pedersen
Articles about Kim Christian Botho Pedersen
2015 Berlingske Tidende
He found a new way of voting to the parliament in Denmark