Japan General Manager - Business Development Director - Kim Christian Botho Pedersen

Achievement - Japanese gardens


In 2006, I was approached by a Japanese gardening company that had been established in Denmark for 6 month without any sale or results. They were looking for a person that were able to sell their gardens. We made an agreement that I should sell their gardens in return for a commission fee.  

My actual tasks:

My main task was to sell the gardens, but quite early in the stage, the Japanese company needed assistance for everything else ranging from introduction to an accountant and lawyer, paperwork related to tax work and much more. Further I introduced the Japanese gardeners to leasing companies for cars and equipment they needed, sovled internal problems in the company, made sure that the gardeners got VISA and working permit to Denmark, finding apartments for the gardeners etc. Further I also assisted with Danish law related to working envoronment and gardening regulations, introduction and contact to the media including the Danish national broadcasting company, Danmarks Radio. I was involved in almost everything related to running an office in Denmark as well as marketing the gardens and selling it to cutsomers.  
The Japanese garden established in Aarhus, Denmark. The largest outside Japan.
The above picture is the finished result of part of the garden.
Gardeners working on placing one of the largest stones in the garden.
Some serious thoughts by the chief gardener about details of the design of the garden

The achievements:

I managed to sell gardens in Denmark and establishing contacts to all relevant players for a start up in Dubai as well.

Reg. sale, the achievement rate was 100% of the customers I approached. The company had to hire 10 more gardeners (originally they only had one full time gardener) in Denmark to catch up with the demand. I worked with this project for about two years.
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