Japan General Manager - Business Development Director - Kim Christian Botho Pedersen

This is my educational background

Educational skill keys:

My knowledge and understanding of each area are marked with the following keys:
Basic Understanding
Average skills
High level / Extensive / Native


Japanese primary school:

1973 - 1981
I grew up in Japan and has a primary school background just like any other Japanese. Documentation available.

This backgound enables me to understand Japan and Japanese on a level another canditate will have huge difficulties in matching.
Japanese language ★★★
Japanese culture ★★★

The Danish Export Institute:

1997 - 1998
I have a diploma from the Danish Export Institute. This degree is accredited by "International Marketing and Export diploma IATTO (International Association of Trade Training Organization)". For documentation please click here.
Marketing ★★★
Trade ★★★

Aarhus University - Japanese study

I went to Arhus University for two years studying Japanese from 1994 to 1996. I decided it was better to study marketing, why I changed to the Danish Export Institute from 1997. Click here for my papers from Aarhus University.

Kanji kentei 3 kyu (level 3):

Kanji kentei, is a Japanese diploma for native Japanese in knowledge of the Japanese / chinese characters. For documentation click here. I am aiming for 2 kyu.
3 kyu ★★★

Food Hygene responsibility course

Click here for documentaiton

Successful Negotiation
Essential Strategies and Skills

Michigan University  
Project Management, University of California 2017
Fundamentals of Management, University of California 2017