Japan General Manager - Business Development Director - Kim Christian Botho Pedersen

 Personal qualifications / personality:

Result oriented:

Business usually have a number of goals, where some of them are more crusial than others. However, getting things done, reaching the goal is what it is all about. Depending on the situation, I will always set higher goals for my self than is required, as this will usually result in a higher achievent rate. I find it life-affirming and fun, to set higher goals than expected and try to reach them. I find it natural to work in an environment where achievement of a specific quota is set as the prime goal.


Danish people are some of the most efficient people in the world. The last 50 to 60 years, Denmark has improved the efficiency in the industry, to be able to create and maintain a high standard within welfare system. This is getting to an end these days, as foreingn countries are becomming as effective as the Danes. Japanese people on the other hand, is often the complete opposit. Large companies in Japan has developed JIT, kanban and other effective systems, but except for those, Japanese worker can be some of the most in-efficient workers in the world. I am not a tough leader, but I find it unecessary to stay in the office if there are nothing to do. Rather work 6-7 hours effectively than 12 hours inefficiently. Working effectively is also important to maintain a healthy body and quality of life. So I tend to think of ways to do things that are more effective than it is done today.

Never give up / determined:

If I start on a job, I will always aim to finish it in a good manner. The aim is always to get the job done in time, with the requested or even better result. If the expected amount of work does not reach the goal, I will increase the effort to reach the goal until it is reached. I never give up. I try harder.


I am a very ambisious man. I want to save the world, nothing less. I cannot understand people who go for less, if they can have more. The first goal is the higest possible achievement. Sky is the limit. By raising the hurdle, the result often will be more than if you start up with lower ambitions. My track record also shows that I have always had high ambitions. Some times it cost me everything but this doesnt stop me.

Loyal / responsible / dutiful:

I have a very strong moral codex. I am dutiful and have always proven this to my employer. Growing up in a strict religious family and very strict Japanese school environmet has developed my strong moral value. I keep what I have promissed, and I will always try to live up to my duties and obligations and more to satisfy my employer.


I have always been trusted by my employer as well as coworkers and customers. I know how to win trust in a relationship. I care about people, I am helpful, I listen to people. In a Japanese company I would often fight for my coworkers right to a decent working environment which has cost me my job previously, but I gained the trust of my coworkers. As a Japan Country Manager, I will always make sure that the working environment for the company / office lives up to a decent standard, why I am sure I will get full support from all the Japanese staff.


I am very confident in what I do - provided that I am not put in a situation where I am not respected. I never doubt or turn because of uncertainty. People often ask where this confidence come from? It is a part of my nature, the way I am raised. I know I am doing the right thing. If a person can prove I am wrong, I have no problem in changing direction and be as confident with the new direction.


I like to use a day or two, sometimes more to think things thrgough before suggesting what to do. I also like brainstorming which oftens leads to new ways of solving a problem. I like to make sure that I have covered all possible angles, risks and opportunities. I analyze people, the market, what people say and dont say.

Creative and full of new ideas:

It is often said that some are analytic, and other are creative but not both at the same time. In my case, I have a very unique background. This background combined with an analytic approach makes me capable of suggesting creative and new ideas. Not spontanious but creative and full of new idesas.


There are a number of ways to educate or grow people or staff member in an organization. I believe that one of the most effective method is to give people responsibility, respect, support them in their decitions and give them a pride in the work they do. People learn from their mistakes, and they will become your best advisors if you educate them properly. Yelling, punishing or the like means, which is actually the most common way in Japan, is not a method that I find necessary to use.

Thank ful / respectful / gentleman:

Many people in the world today, have forgotten to be thankful, show gratitude, show respect and a gentleman attitude. It costs nothing. People that you show gratitude or respect, are amazed. But never the less, it is unfortunately a rare sight today. Japan, has some of it left, as the common sense in Japan damands that you show elderly and superior persons respect. Its a part of the culture. I try to be as grateful and express this to actively to people in my surroundings.