Japan General Manager - Business Development Director - Kim Christian Botho Pedersen

Practical issues:

Country / work place / travel:

I am willing to work in any country. Japan is my first priority though. I have no problem in a job with many travelling days.

Visa / working permit (if the job is in Japan):

At this point, I do not have any working permit to Japan. However, it should not be a problem to obtain it, as I have had a total of more than 10 years with working permit in Japan previously and I have worked for Japanese governmental organisation as well as the Danish embassy in Japan. Issuing a VISA will usually take between one and two months.

Start date:

I am presenlty working full time for a Japanese company located in Denmark. This means I need two month to change job. I am not married, why it is easy for me to move. However, some kind of arrangement must be made from the companyside reg. startup in the new country. This is however negotiable.


If the job is in Japan, my minimum salary requirenment in JPY is 20.000.000 + benefits on a yearly basis. It is negotiable though.