Japan General Manager - Business Development Director - Kim Christian Botho Pedersen

This is my Japan cultural competences

Japan is a very unique country that requires unique understanding of the culture and how to do things. Especially in business with Japanese huge competences and an  indepth knowledge of the culture is required to be sucessful. You do not only need to know, you also need to be able to practice it.

However, understanding only the Japanese culture does not give you success. To be successful, you need a person who knows what a Westener think as well, to be able to build a solid bridge between the two countries / companies.

This is excactly the skill I posess. Deep and indepth understanding of the Japanese as well as the Western culture and business.

Cultural competence measurement:

I have measured my cultural competences and given them keys as follows:
High level
Better than average Japanese


Basic competences:

Awareness ★★★★
Attitude ★★★★
Knowledge ★★★★
Skills ★★★★

Language skills:

Basic Japanese language ★★★★
Communication in Japanese ★★★★
Read between the lines ★★★★
Business Japanese ★★★★
Understanding body language ★★★★

Cultural understanding / values:

Basic Japanese culture ★★★★
Religion ★★★
Traditions ★★★
HIstory ★★★
Hierarchy ★★★★★
Tabu ★★★★
Politic ★★★
Company culture ★★★★
Family issues ★★★★
Gender issues ★★★★

Business specific competences:

Company culture ★★★★
Market understanding ★★★★★
Underst. & use of hierarchy ★★★★
Traditions ★★★
Working environment ★★★★★
Negotiations tactic ★★★★
Business communication ★★★★
Common business sense ★★★★
Read between the lines ★★★★
other issues ★★★★