Japan General Manager - Business Development Director - Kim Christian Botho Pedersen

This is my Job experience

Commercial attaché at
The Royal Danish Embassy

1998 - 2002
Four years with diplomatic status in Japan. My tasks was to assist Danish companies within consumer goods (mainly furniture) and building materials, in entering the Japanese market, solving problems, get information or any other task that they needed assistance with.

- consultancy and sales promotion activities
 - information search
 - match making
 - arranging of exhibitions, study tours etc
 - solving problems between Danish & Japanese companies
 - elaborating of market reports
 - sale of the embassys services to Danish companies
 - IT tasks including educating of the staff in use of office related software (windows, office 97 etc)
 - establishing of a number of homepages related to our activities
 - much more

Evaluation / appraisals:

 - I had a number of successful introduction of Danish companies to Japanese importers or partner companies.
 - successful establishing of a promotion programme for interior / gift items
 - successful establishment of collaboration with Japanese companies related to gift items
 - successful solving of a number of problems between Danish and Japanese companies
 - most selling staff compared to my Danish colleagues during all four years employed
 - was offered a permanent employment at the embassy, but declined because I wanted to try my skills in a "real" exporting compoany and get the practical knowledge ane experience


Sole rights owner for Uridan in Japan and simultaneously mid-/top level Manager in a Japanese medium sized company:

2002 - 2003
Import and marketing of a Danish water free urinal. I had the sole rights for the Japanese market and startet a collaboration with a Japanese company that I gave the right for Japan.


 - Introduction of the Danish and Japanese company to each other
 - communication between the Danish and Japanese companies
 - sales promotion activities
 - participation in- & preparation of exhibitions
 - hiring Japanese staff
 - market the urinal in Japan
 - elaborating Japanese user friendly manuals and descriptions
 - problem solving between the Japanese and Danish companies
 - claim handling
 - stock handling
 - IT
 - much more

Evaluation / appraisals:

 - In two of the three exhibitions we participated in during this year, we were the most visited booth at all on the whole exhibition and got awarded
 - We managed to sell the urinals to most of the top level Japanese companies within building industry (general constructors), car manufacturer, restaurant chains (McDonalds, Skylark etc), department stores (Mitsukoshi, Takashimaya etc), Universities, schools, highways, railways, architects, municipalities, stadiums and much more... All this within only ONE YEAR!


Self employed in Japan:

2003 - 2005
Own company importing and marketing foldable exhibition equipment from Denmark. Some consultancy business were done as well.


 - establishing the company
 - finding the right product to import and start business
 - negotiate contract with Danish manufacturer
 - the actual import
 - elaboration of all Japanese import documents in Japanese
 - sale and marketing in Japan
 - visiting customers
 - claim handling (or rather handling the business so there were no claims)
 - creation of web pages
 - google adwords campaigns / SEO
 - accounting
 - all other tasks necessary to run a one man company
 - elaboration of a marketing report regarding a company who wanted to export Japanese sake to Europe (in Japanese). Report were a NO GO but the Japanese company chose to follow my recommendation because of its detailed research and logic understandable conclusions.

Evaluation / appraisals:

 - no claims from Japanese customers at all
 - managed to get the largest Japanese exhibition equipment leasing companies as satisfied customers
 - got many repeating customers


Self employed in Denmark:

2005 - 2008
Own company in Denmark. Japan related consultancy and import / export / marketing tasks.


 - sale and markeitng of Japanese gardens in Denmark and Dubai
 - other tasks related to sale of Japanese gardens like handling of VISA application for gardeneres, accomodations, rental of equipment, contact to lawyers, contract elaboration, contact to customers etc.
JETRO furniture project coordinator
 - sale and marketing of Japanese ceramics worldwide
 - Japanese Danish translation tasks for a number of companies like the Danish Agricultural Council, Hummel, and other
 - contract negotiated between Karimoku Mokko (Japans largest furniture manufacturer) and a Danish sole agent for the Nordic and possibly the European market
 - findeing investors for medical patent (did not succeed though)
 - establishing own web pages, google adwords campaigns, SEO etc.
 - accounting
 - bsiness plan elaboration (food, furniture, other ideas)
 - and many other

Evaluation / appraisals:

 - all customer approached reg Japanese gardens resulted in sale
 - the largest Japanese garden sold, was 22.000 m2 (total sales of 15.000.000 DKK)
 - probably the most expensive Japanese Danish translator, but because of my extensive knowledge of the language, business and the market, nobody were ever asking questions about the price as they got value for money

Marketing coordinator for
the Danish Agricultural Council Japan office

2009 - 2011
Hired temporarily as marketing coordinator under a Japanese leader of the office.


 - Visiting Denmark together with importers of Danish pork

Evaluation / appraisals:

 - ask for comments

JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization)
Local coordinator

2005 - 2006
Coordinator on a major JETRO project in Denmark, promoting Japanese furniture manufacturer, furniture and design related organisations to Denmark and Danish furniture and organisations to Japan.

The project was started up by JETRO and had been running for around 2 years when I was hired as coordinator. After six months, I suggested to close down the whole project because of a completely wrong approach which might result in serious consequenses for both the Japanese and Danish side. I recommended to startup another project, only focusing on companies that were interested in export. Further I also suggested to remove focus from Denmark and think of Europe in stead.


 2002 - present
During the past many years, I have done consulting for a countless number of companies in as much countless number of branches and products. Food, furniture, interior, medical equipment, toys, clothes, technical products, patents and much more. If you need further information please contact me. All the cunsoltancy tasks have one thing in common - "Japan".  

Business Consultant - Starzen Europe

 2014 - present
Presently, I work as business consultant for Starzen Europe, one of Japans leading companies (Starzen Europe is a daughter company of Strazen International which is a daughter company of Starzen Co Ltd. that is one of the leading companies within the Japanese meat industry) within the meat industry. Starzen Europe is handling all import from Europe to Japan for the Starzen Group.

My job for Starzen Europe ranges from locating new business partners and suppliers around Eruope, gathering market intelligence, handling practical issues like transport documents, invoices etc, upgrading the office from an oldstyle paper based office to a movable IT based office, including developing of an Access database handling all documents and numbers.

Especially the first couple of 2014 presented huge challenges with issues related to ASF outbreak in Poland and Russias import ban of European pork, which has resulted in huge day to day change in the market. Other challenges is to locate and assist new suppliers to the Japanese market, inspect the production and try to make the suppliers understand and keep to the extremely strickt Japanese market demand to the products, specifications, documentations and not the least the way of tackling claims and special requests from Japan.