Japan General Manager - Business Development Director - Kim Christian Botho Pedersen

This is my Japanese language skills

Language skill keys:

My knowledge, skills and understanding of each element are marked with the following keys:
Basic Understanding
Average skills
High level / Native


Japanese as a basic language / communication tool:

I grew up in Japan and have a primary school background just like any other Japanese national. Documentation available. My basic Japanese language skills are native and undisputed.
Spoken Japanese ★★★
Reading Japanese ★★★
Written Japanese ★★★

Kanji kentei 3 kyu (level 3):

Kanji kentei, is a Japanese diploma for native Japanese in knowledge of the Japanese / chinese characters. For documentation click here. I am aiming for level 2 in 2013.
Level 3 ★★★

Business Communication skills in Japanese:

Simple language skills does not guarantee you successful communication with a Japanese company in a business situation. You need to be able to understand what is communicated to you in Japanese, you need to be able to read between the lines to ask the right questions, you also need to be able to communicate your message in a way that Japanese understands. This is one of my major skills. Further, you also have to be able to read a Japanese body language and your own body language also tells a lot about you, so you must master it. This is also one of my major skills.
Ability to understand ★★★
Read between the lines ★★★
Communicate ★★★
Body language ★★★

Other languages:

I have the following other language skills:
English ★★
Danish ★★★
Swedish / Norwegian