Japan General Manager - Business Development Director - Kim Christian Botho Pedersen

This is how Japanese people rate me:



I have an account on twitter called @gaijin_no_honne. This account is made with the purpose of discussing issues that relates to the differences between Japan and non-Japanese countries in culture, habits, politics, religion, social welfare and all kinds of things. The idea is to give Japanese people an insight in what the differences are and hopefully they will be able to get ideas of how to improve their own society. The account is followed by more than 23.000 Japanese. I have asked those Japanese followers what they think of my Japanese knowledge in terms of language as well as cultural understanding. The result is as shown below:


Is he faking his identity?


The question was, is this guy actually a Japanese? Is he faking his identity or is he really a foreigner? The result was as below.
Red: He is faking his identity. He must be Japanese.
Orange: He is probably not Japanese but he doesnt differ from a Japanese at all
Pink: He is probably not Japanese but there are almost no difference from a Japanese
Blue1: I feel a slight difference from Japanese people so I understand he must be a foreginer.
Blue2: His way of thinking and writing is a little different from Japanese
Blue3: His way of thinking and writing is very different from Japanese
Blue4: He is not Japanese at all
It was possible to answer "others" as well but no one selected this answer.


As you can see, most people chose one of the first three options saying that either he is Japanese, he is no different from Japanese or that there are almost no difference from Japanese.


Rating the language skills:


I also asked my followers to rate my Japanese language skills. The result is shown in the graph below.

a: His Japanese is perfect even compared with Japanese people.
b: His Japanese level is just like any other native Japanese.
c: His Japanese level is not perfect but much better than any other foreigners
d: His Japanese is on the same level as most other foreigners in Japan
e: His Japanese is understandable but not particularly high
f: His Japanese is on average level
g: His Japanese skills are low
h: His Japanese skills are very low
i: He doesnt understand Japanese at all


The result speak for it self.




Thank you for taking the time to read this page!

Kim Pedersen