Japan General Manager - Business Development Director - Kim Christian Botho Pedersen

This is my present occupation:


A lot of companies requires my services. Some are asking for advice reg. entering the Japanese market, others are asking me to find suppliers in Europe or anywhere in the world of specific items. My services does not focus on a specific intudstry but on involvment of Japanese people or companies. Thus I have a variety of tasks to find suppliers of rare metals, export of parts for ship building, finding suppliers of various food items, arranging of trip to Greenland for TV crews, locate importers of a various type of products in Japan etc.




Now and then, I am asked comments about different matters by newspapers, magazines etc. Below is an article from April / May 2013 in a Russina magazine with my  comments about the Japanese economy:



Writing books:

40 years of living between Japan and Denmark, have given me a lot of useful knowledge of the two societies. Japan and Denmark is actually said to be completely opposits to each other in many ways. The societal structure in Denmark is one of the most horisontal in the world, where as the Japanese are one of the most vertical. In Denmark we are used to say things directly, where as in Japan, things are said indirectly etc. Denmark has one of the best if not the best working environment in the world, where as the Japanese working environment in a lot of cases really lack behind.
Thus, there are a lot of issues that are relevant to write in a book, especially when I am able to see things from both side. I have been working in one of the worst working envoronment in Japan as well as some of the best in Denmark. I know what Japanese people see in Denmark, and I also have some very good ideas about what actually could be useful for Japanese to know about.
These days, I am using my free time to write those things down in a couple of e-books where the first one is available. Click here if you are interested. A lot of Japanese have read the book and given me very good reccommendations. This book is marketed using my Japanese twitter profile @gaijin_no_honne Please feel free to follow me.

Profile on the Internet:

In connection with my Japanese books, I am trying to establish an image as an "expert" reg. Japan / Europe matters. This is done through various channels supported by my Japanese network. One of those activities can be seen here. This page is divided into five sections, where the first section got more than 29000 pv during the few days. These discussions will eventually and hopefully end up in invitations from Japanese organisations and media to give speeches reg. issues related to "how to improve the Japanese working environment", "how to create a nation of happier people" and the like.

Linkedin group administrator:

It is not an easy task to expand a network when you live in Europe. But I intend to expand my network as much as possible these days, why among other thing I have created a group on Linkedin (日本語専用ネットワーキング) focusing on Japanese speaking networkers. Please feel free to join the group. However, please understand that the language used in the group is solely Japanese. The purpose of the group is simply networking, why the issues discussed can be business as well as any other subject.

Other jobs:

I have a lot of other jobs that I am working on simultaniously.